Communication is King

pen-icon2I trained as a writer and, in 2011, I graduated with a bachelors degree in Multi-media journalism from the number one course in the UK. I love writing; communicating ideas, telling stories, taking information and making it user-friendly, approachable and digestible. I want to do that for you and your brand. I can produce, exciting, captivating and informative copy, that represents your business how you want it to be represented. I’ll help show you off to the world.

To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master
-Milton Glaser

mac-icon2As a designer, I’ve created and developed brands for businesses big and small, from fashion start-ups to national charities and I always tell everyone one thing. Design is not just about aesthetics. Design is about communication. Whether it’s a business card or an iPhone app, design is about making life easy for your audience and pushing your message. If it looks good, that’s a bonus.

I create lasting, consistent brands, that speak to consumers, and I use every tool in my arsenal to do so. My unique skill set allows me to create an image for your brand that copywriters can’t, and a voice for your company that designers won’t.

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