Workshops & Public Speaking

Daniel’s unique experience as an award-winning singer-songwriter, independent musician and entrepreneur makes him a perfect choice for speaking engagements and workshops. If you want an inspiring speaker with a different perspective who can offer your audience more than just a life story, Daniel’s insight into the music industry, appearing on TV and the cult of celebrity is sure to be a great fit.

Daniel’s ground breaking talk ‘Design The Life You Want to Live’ is an inspired discussion centred around applying the skills he learned during his seven years as a graphic designer, to his music career and almost every other aspect of his life – perfect for a motivational or inspirational talk at any event.

As an award-winning singer-songwriter and the UK’s Best Unsigned Male artist, Daniel’s songwriting and performing workshops are designed to help up and coming writers and singers really make the most of their potential. His advice on surviving and thriving in a constantly changing music industry is sure to aid any budding artist trying to avoid the usual pitfalls or simply learn something new. His work as a promoter and booking agent through his record label Little Victories has given Daniel an in-depth understanding of the UK music scene and what it takes to ‘make it’ and what the true meaning of that phrase really is.



In November 2016 Daniel was invited to speak at YouthBank Ireland’s ‘Night of Ambition’ in Banbridge. YouthBank is an international organisation that encourages young people to get involved in their local community and economy through business and grant-making opportunities. Daniel shared his insight as an entrepreneur and small business owner, as well as highlighting the trials and tribulations of the independent music industry and the importance of considering every opportunity. Daniel’s discussion about his non-traditional career path was hailed as a highlight of the evening.



In July 2016 Daniel was invited by Apple to run a ‘Hands-on Garageband Music Session’ at their Princes Street store in Edinburgh. Daniel co-hosted the workshop with an Apple technician and shared his perspective on using Garageband for songwriting, demoing and recording. He walked attendees through his process ‘from Music Memos to Garageband to Logic Pro’, creating an album quality track without leaving the iOS and MacOS environment. Daniel also discussed general songwriting tips and processes and fielded questions from attendees. Daniel’s performance was praised by staff and his workshop has become the mould for future ‘guest speaker’ sessions at the apple store.